Sony's even thinner five megapixel digital camera

dsc-t11Ok, so maybe it's a good thing we haven't bought the DSC-T1 yet, because Sony is coming out with an even thinner five megpixel digital camera later this month (at least in Japan), DSC-T11, which'll have the same large 2.5-inch LCD screen as its predecessor but be 4mm thinner (21mm vs. 17mm) than the T1 (we hope that as the camera gets thinner and thinner they just keep adding "1's" to the end of the name).

They also have a few other five megapixel cameras coming out, the DSC-P100 and the DSC-W1, as well as two new four megapixel cameras on the way, the DSC-P43 and the DSC-P73. But we're really only interested in the DSC-T11.