M-Bird tones it down with the XY-22

M-Bird XY-22 big

M-Bird marches on with what must be an intentionally confusingly-named product line: last year's hit-by-the-ugly-stick XT-21 got an update in the XT-22, and now we've got the XY-22 hitting the scene. It appears M-Bird may have taken some of the design criticism to heart, as this player is somewhat less whacked out. They also brought back the stereo speaker on this, and added a feature where the screen orientation can flip to resemble a very, very tiny TV. Its wee little color display can do AVI and MPEG4, audio formats would be WMA/MP3, transfers via USB 2.0 and only available in a 256MB version so far. Korean-only for now, though since Axion has rebranced the XT-21 as the X-Robot, we might eventually see this player Stateside.