Nextel Partners sues Sprint and Nextel Communications over loss of brand name

Sprint Nextel Logo

Ruh roh, Raggy, there's trouble a-brewin' with the whole Sprint-Nextel merger. Dig this — there's two flavors of Nextel: Nextel Communications (merging with Sprint) and Nextel Partners (not merging with Sprint, provider of wireless services under the Nextel brand), which is partly owned by Nextel Communications. "Sprint-Nextel" may indeed make a great post-feminist hyphenated marriage, but not so much a lovable brand name — so, as we know, they've been thinking of scrapping the Nextel name except for use with some specific subset of services, opting to use Sprint as the main brand. Nextel Partners has filed suit with the New York Supreme Court, seeking to prevent the Nextel brand name from being completely absorbed by the Borg Sprint in the merger. They say the loss of branding violates agreements between them and Nextel Communications, and that their usage of the Nextel brand in markets where Nextel Communications does not operate is cause for asking the court to order the latter not to make any changes to its brand identity unless Nextel Partners can jump with them at the same time. Awww, isn't that sweet? It's a "wait for us!" suit.